I'm a luxembourgish art student in Metz in France and I've always had a big interest for the world of art.

I don't limit myself to one technique, but I experiment with drawings, paintings, collage, installation, sewing, design, writing, literature, tattoos, book making etc... But I will not stop finding new ways of expressing my ideas !

Since I grew up in the countryside of Luxembourg, my work is inspired from the nature and the world of the animals. 

Fairytales, the greek mythology, authors like Stephen King, E.A. Poe and H.P. Lovecraft nourish my imagination.



My practice is a multitude of things for me. It is a way to escape the real world, a journey into a land of wonders and a fall into a deep hole that contains strange and admirable things.


But it is above all a possibility to express my way of seeing my surroundings. The fauna and flora, the human form, the portrait and the domain of the Celtic myths and tales inspire me.


Moreover, I also consider poems and literature in order to to find ideas, which explains a certain lyrical side of my productions.


My technique is not limited to drawing or painting alone, but I combine materials to give a free rein to my imagination on different formats. For me, any creative practice is a fight to find a mental elsewhere more beautiful than every material thing. It is a search for a state of trance that opens the mind for a melody of another world.


My current project deals with a recurring subject of duality. Most of my work expresses a dimension and contrast : Hard, obscure and strong patterns are opposed to a more gentle, sensitive and feminine universe. This construction of tensions has been in my paintings and sketches for years and I am aiming to emerge this dynamic more and more over time. For me, this confrontation of opposites creates a particular vibration that refers to the principles of natural forces that go beyond our existence.


Das Wesen der Kunst ist Kontrast, welcher Art sie auch sei, erfordert geeignete Entgegensetzung - große, geringere und ganz kleine Kontraste.
- Herbert Spencer